A Snapshot of our Cleaning Range

Keeping your Office, School or Business clean can take time but can also be expensive.

At Panda Business Supplies, we understand that so we have compiled an easy to use page to find the most popular cleaning products and equipment, mostly covering our 2WORK range.

The 2WORK range is an effective cleaning range but with a lower price tag.  Thousands of office, school, pub and restaurant toilets are cleaned with 2WORK range and our partners are extending the portfolio of products due to its high demand.

If you are looking for something else other than our 2WORK range, you can click the links below for the following products:

Cleaning & Hygiene
Cleaning Fluids
Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning Workwear
Refuge Sacks
Toilet Tissues
Washroom Dispensers

We will also have a colour coding coded cleaning guide soon!

Rubbish Sacks:

Coloured Bins

Toilet Rolls & Holders (for our full range, please click here)

Hand Towels (for our full range, please click here)

To keep your bathroom or kitchen clean, here is a great selection of products to help within every area:

Hand Washes

Disinfectant Wipes

Kitchen Cleaners

Washing Up





Glass Cleaner

Cleaning Starter Pack