Our General Offering

General product range

Traditional office products

With over 6000 office products available for next-day delivery, the traditional office range covers everything the modern office requires. It includes the finest products from pens and paper to files and storage or conference and presentation. We have fantastic new products for 2017 including 5 new boxes and to new trays, premium notebooks from Concord Noir and new coloured themed Post-it notes.

Technology products

We offer a range of products from each of the main categories within electronic office supplies and technology. From storage devices that can be used pacifically for Apple phones and tablets to a range of a wireless headsets that allowed freedom to move around the office while keeping calls crystal clear, we have the essential products for any workplace.

Facilities Supplies

We have access to over 5000 facilities supplies products which are sure to meet your requirements. All our products are specifically chosen for the professional workplace and we have relationships with over 80 major manufacturers. We offer products across six main categories which include retail supplies and security, kitchen and catering, cleaning and hygiene, premises and maintenance, health safety and workwear and packaging. Existing new range includes products from leading brands such as Keurig, Cillit, Visqueen, Racksack and Polyco.

With made some great enhancements for our product range 2017.

Look out for the new products below.