A look at the Pentel Recyology range of Filing

A look at Pentel Recycology Filing Products

Pentel’s Recycology Filing Products and Display Books are made from at least 50% recycled materials. Practical and colourful, they are environmentally friendly, yet high quality, solution to all of your filing and presentation needs.

The Vivid Display book is A4 size and come in five different shades where you have a title space on the spine.

The Clear Display Books come in A4 with a transparent display cover for easy viewing.

The Wing Display Books are also in A4 but in matt colours. The wing shaped pockets are for easy insertion and removal of sheets. Plus the new book with clear front pockets for personalisation of presentation is also available.

The Fresh Display Books are also in A4 and are in a pack of 4 with the normal title space on. Again this features the wing shaped pocket switch for easy insertion or removal of sheets.

Also available is the Clip File which are perfect for small of documents. You have a very strong side clip to open or close the file and it holds approximately 20 sheets.

And lastly the Pentel Recycology Presentation file. This product is lightweight and flexible for A4 files. It’s see through cover is great for viewing any personalisation.